Configuring LiveStats in Online Membership

  • The first step to set up live stats is from the dashboard hover over Competitions and click List Competitions


  • From the competition menu click the magnifying glass to the left of competition that you are wanting to configure.

  • Click Edit to the right of Competition Configuration


  • In the completion configuration section scroll down to the Courtside heading
  • Select LiveStats from the dropdown box to the right of Default Courtside Type
  • Then configure the game settings ensuring that all compulsory fields are populated
  • Once you have completed the settings click Update Competition



  • Once the Competition settings have been updated, hover over Competitions and click Bulk LiveStats Upload


  • You will then need to change the filters to find the matches that you want to send to LiveStats and then click Search For Matches


  • The final step is to click the tick box to the left of the matches you want to send and then click  Send Matches to LiveStats


  • You will then be taken back to the game filter section with a confirmation message confirming the games have been sent successfully.