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Here you will find current information and advice regarding any known issue or service maintenance.

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Softball Registrations Members getting an error when trying to submit registration form

This is impacting existing members who are trying to register.
A resolution will be released first thing tomorrow (Friday 21/09/17).
Please re-attempt registration after confirmation this is resolved here.

Stadium Scoring

Recently, some devices have been unable to connect to SportsTG to upload/download games

  1. Download the following file:
  2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Stadium Scoring
  3. Find file named: StadiumScoring.ini and replace it/overwrite with the downloaded version
  4. Open Stadium Scoring
  5. You will be asked to enter your Venue ID & Setup Key.
  6. Try downloading games

If this does not resolve it close Stadium Scoring - try the following and then re-open Stadium Scoring:

  • Turn Off Windows Firewall
  • Disable Anti-Virus
If still unresolved, please submit a support request providing Venue ID and SS Key, Details of Operating System and Stadium Scoring Version and we'll investigate further

Some Administrators are getting an error when trying to send an email. Error is to do with the subject line.


The system is blocking multiple emails being sent by mistake and blocking emails with the same subject line within a given window of time.

If you need to send the same email to multiple groups, change the subject line and make it unique.


If you are using an old bookmark to a 'sportingpulse' address- you will currently experience a security and access error/warning.

If you look in the address bar of the page you are on where you see this error, you will likely find 'sportingpulse' in the address.

Please update your bookmarks to the following SportsTG addresses:

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