FIBA LiveStats: Install LiveStats Widget on your website

By embedding the code below into your website, links to each game's webcast will appear on your website allowing fans to follow the games as they are played over the web.

INSERT SCRIPT BELOW INTO relevant section of website (usually a 'full page' section will be used):

<script src=";df=10&amp;db=10&amp;css=0&amp;u=&amp;sr=0&amp;cmp=1" type="text/javascript">

Instructions for using script
ag - display games whether live or not 0=no 1=yes
df = 100 - Number of days forward to show games eg. show games occuring
in the next 100 days
db = 100 - Number of days backward to show games eg. show games that
happened in the next 100 days
css = 0 - Show default CSS styles , 0 - dont' show
u - user id 
sr =0 - Sort the list in reverse order
cmp =1 - Display games grouped by competition in table layout

Example Widget