What is Processing Fee on my product?

Processing Fee

When setting up registrations and payments through the SportsTG system, the only charge incurred is a 3.9% fee for all online transactions. A club, league or association has the option to set their own processing fee model. The two options are - User Pays and Inclusive. We suggest the "inclusive" processing fee model.    

The SportsTG system has a minimum $1 fee, so if the 3.9% processing fee does not come to $1 it will then charge the user the difference.  Eg. if a product is $20, 3.9% of 20 is 0.78,  so therefore the user is then charged the 22 cents difference to make up that $1 amount.    

There is a warning message that comes up when a product is created that has a low enough fee to encounter this type of charge.  The warning message when creating these products is shown below.