Registrations Starter Guide

NZRL - Started Guide  

Please follow these steps to ensure your Club/Association is ready to take Registrations and Payments.  

1. Passport  

You are required to have a Passport to access your Association/Clubs Database. If you do not have a Passport click here for information on how to create a Passport – once you have created a Passport please contact Graham Lee at Football QLD for access to your Association/Club.    

2. Payment Configuration.        

To accept registrations online you need to apply to become a SportsTG Sub-Merchant. Before starting the payments application ensure you have the information below to get started. Click here for more information on your payment application.  

-Legal Trading Name of Association/Club

-Street Address / Contact Details (cannot be a PO BOX)

-Is your organisation incorporated? If you answered yes an equivalent of an Australian Company Number / Australian Registered business number must be supplied

-Contact Name / Phone / Email of two committee members

-Electronic copy of clubs bank statement showing Account Number

-Registration Fee/s  

Complete the Payments Application. Please note three important fields noted below whilst completing the Payment Application– when completed ensure you agree to the terms and conditions

BSB and Account Number: Enter the first six digits of your bank account in the BSB area and the remaining in the account number.  

Promotional Code: Enter NZRL14  

Processing Fee Model: SportsTG recommend to all Associations/Clubs to select an Inclusive Processing Fee Model. If you require more information please contact SportsTG Payments Team  

Your payment application has now been passed onto SportsTG. The payments application usually takes between 3-5 days to be processed.  Please contact us to have this payments application “Fast Tracked”.

3. Creating Products  

Products will need to be created and added to your registration from. Please click here for more information.        

4. Accessing Registration Forms  

Select Registrations from the top navigation and select Registration Forms. There National New Zealand Rugby League Registration Forms will now appear which are listed below:  

* 2015 NZRL Player Registration Form  

* 2015 NZRL Match Official (Referee) Registration Form

* 2015 NZRL Coach & Volunteer Registration Form    

For more information on accessing your Registration From, please click here    

Communicating to your members  

Now that you have copied your clubs unique registration form URL (link) you can notify your members that you are open for registrations.  

Why not post this link on your clubs Facebook Page, create a news story on your clubs Website (LeagueNet or other) or even send a message out via communicator instructions below will show you how to do this.