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Team Inclusion Configuration 

Administrators now have the ability to determine the method of Team inclusion on a Ladder. This is by way of:

Date Team Added will display the team on the ladder from the point in time it was added to the competition. 

Matches In Round will display the team on the ladder if it has a match in a given round, regardless of the date in which this team was added to the competition. 

Detailed Information can be found: Team Inclusion Configuration

Our company name has changed to SportsTG and so too have our online addresses. The old addresses are currently redirecting to the new addresses.
The new addresses are as follows: Passport:
August 2016
Communicator Attachments in Communicator. (AFL only)  July 2016
PoliPay An alternate way to pay for your registration fee using money straight from your bank account. July 2016
AFL Membership

At the request of the AFL and their State Bodies the ability for league administrators to add club and season records has been removed.  For more information please head to the following article: Editing season and club record for AFL

Basketball Network Basketball Network Member Profile Branding - consistent Basketball Network branding to ensure the participant has a familiar experience across all platforms. April 2016

Planned Updates

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Website Design Enhancements Major design enhancements for our websites are ready for release. For more details, see Website Design Enhancements September 19, 2016
Ladders Head to head calculation on ladders. 2016
Marketplace Marketplace is our new online shop for sports administrators that sits within the SportsTG Membership System. Only available for Basketball and AFL. 


Registration forms Player number now available on registration form.  2016
LiveStats Integration with Genius Sports Data Warehouse - compatibility between Competitions and FIBA  LiveStats verion 6.  2016
Qualification Management System (QMS) Facility to create course registrations and mark completion of modules towards a qualification. 2016

Scheduled Maintenance

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