2016 Changes in Schedula

Here are a few of the features we introduced towards the end of 2015:  

Display of appointments on your website

You can now have your appointments feed back into your SportsTG league database, which means they can also display on your SportsTG website (on the match centre page). If you’d like this feature switched on please contact our support team.  

Attributes report

You’ve always been able to see match official attributes, now you can report on them. This new report should now display in your reports screen.    

Adjustments report (in the Payments Report screen, for unprocessed pay periods only)

You can also now report on adjustments before processing a pay period.    

Addition of an ‘item code’ in pay rates (used in MYOB report)

For organisations that use MYOB for their accounting program, there’s now an ‘item code’ which can be recorded for each pay rate which will feed through to a new version of the MYOB payments report: