Adding a Discover Sailing Widget to a SportsTG Website

Adding a widget to your association webpage will require access to make changes to the page. You  will need to speak to the member assigned to maintaining your association’s page to gain access.    

1. Navigate to your association’s SportsTG webpage.  

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Site Editor.      

3. You will be taken to the pages Website Editor Control Panel. Select Widget Manager.    

4. Using the drop-down menu, select Discover Sailing then the Add New Section button to continue.       

5. The Discover Sailing option will appear in the table above. Click and drag Discover Sailing to set the  priority order.  

6. Right click Discover Sailing and tick the blank box next to Active.  

7. Then click the Save/Update button.       

8. Select Widget Manager again.  

9. Right click Discover Sailing and select Edit.    


10. Enter in your Association ID.  

11.Select Save. 

12. Return to your association website by clicking Return to your website.   

13. You will now see the  Discover Sailing Widget on the right hand column of your website.     

Please Note: This can take a minute to load. Refresh your page if the widget does not appear the  first time.

For further assistance please contact Online Services:  

02 8424 7400