Adding a New Member

This functionality allows you to add a member to your Club or Class Association.

To add a Member Record, complete the following steps:    

1. Click on Members in the header menu and from the drop down select List Members.  

2. The list of members that belong to that club or class will appear. Click on the Add button in the top right  hand corner above the Member List.  

3. A blank form will open to create a new member record. Enter the details in the fields provided, ensuring that all fields marked with a red symbol are completed, as these are compulsory fields.  The member fields and field settings are determined by your State Association.   

4. After completing the form, click on Update Member.  

5. A message will appear, confirming that the member has been successfully added to the database. From here you can click on one of the links provided to either 'Display details for the member' or 'Add another Member'.

For further assistance please contact Online Services:  

02 8424 7400