Auskick player registering to a club

Follow these simple steps to register a player from Auskick to a football club.  

1. Obtain the Registration Form link form either the club or the club's website.  

2. Once the Registration Form has been opened, click 'I am registering to play Australian Rules Football for the first time' and choose the appropriate club. Click 'Next'.    

3. Once the mandatory fields have been filled out, the system will recognise the player has previously played Auskick. A red box will appear with the player's Auskick information - click on the circle next to the name to confirm those details. Click 'Continue'.   

4. The below page is the registration form - fill in all mandatory fields on the registration form.   

5. Choose a product and click 'Confirm'.  

6. After clicking Confirm, the summary page will provide the player's username and password. Payment for the product chosen is made here.     

7. An email confirming the player's registration will be sent along with their username and password. It will also state that the registration is currently pending approval. The club will notify the player when this occurs.