Aussie Hoops: Sending program renewal invitation emails to parents

1. Login to Aussie Hoops Membership at Centre level through SportsTG Passport    

2. Click on the Communications Tab.

3. Select Program Renewals button.

4. Select the programs relating to the participants you would like to send renewal invitations to and select Choose Recipients.  

5. Select which email address fields you would like to send the renewal invitations to. You can also select individual participants to email.  

6. Once you have selected your recipients, click Customise Email.

7. You can then add a paragraph to the pre-set renewal email. Be sure to read the entire message so you don’t repeat the same information.

8. Check the contact details of your Local Competitions Coordinator are correct so participants and their families are directed to the correct person.  Please see “Adding/Editing Local Centre Coordinator Contact Details” for instructions on adding/editing these.  

9. Finally, scroll down and click the Send emails now button.