Basketball: Report - Fixture Summary Report

This report allows Associations to check the quality of their fixtures.  


  • The flow of time slots for a specific team across a fixture. This is designed to assist you with minimizing one team playing in the 10.00pm timeslot 3 weeks in a row.  
  • The number of times a team plays in the one timeslot. eg. 4 x 22:00 games.  
  • How many times does one team play another team over the course of a fixture.  
  • The total number of games a team is scheduled to play for the season for including number of byes.

Please note: This report should be used for Venue Time Allocation and Home & away competitions only. This report is not suitable for Pools Competitions.  

1. From the main dashboard, click 'Reports' along the top menu bar. 


2. Once on the Reports page, click 'Competitions' in the menu on the side. 


3. Scroll down through the Reporting option and click 'Run' under the heading of Team Time Slot Summary. 


4. A box box will allow you to choose the competition you wish to run the report for. Once chosen please click 'Run Report' 


5. Once 'Run Report' has been clicked, the report will open in a new window with all of the information that is needed. 



  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at