Configuring LiveStats in Online Membership

  • The first step to set up live stats is from the dashboard hover over Competitions and click List Competitions.


  • From the competition menu click the magnifying glass to the left of competition that you are wanting to configure.

  • Click Edit to the right of Competition Configuration.


  • In the completion configuration section scroll down to the Courtside heading.
  • Select LiveStats V6 from the dropdown box to the right of Default Courtside Type (please ignore the V6 next to the title- as long as this option is selected it will still work on V7).
  • Then configure the game settings ensuring that all compulsory fields are populated
  • Once you have completed the settings click Update Competition. 

  • You now need to configure the team settings so all relevant teams feed through. Drill down to team level in each competition and click the edit button next to details. 
  • You will need to ensure that the team name, three letter code and nickname of the team are filled out as well as any other compulsory fields. Although these three fields may not be compulsory these MUST be filled out in order to appear within the Livestats program.
  • You will also need to ensure that all players are registered as players in the current season as well as ensuring the all players heights are input as well. Note: If this 'height' field is not visible within a members profile you will need to configure it to display via the association settings (settings > custom fields > member fields > find field > set to compulsory > update > edit in member profile).