Creating Competitions

To add a competition to your database:  

1. Hover over the Competitions menu and click on List Competitions.  

2. On the right hand side click on New to add a new competition.  

3. Choose the competition type Home and Away, Venue Allocation or Pool.  

You will then come to a screen with a number of configurations.

Below are the explanation for the key fields:  


Competition Name - this will be the name that displays throughout your database and of the website.  

Season - the season that the competition will be assigned to.  

Tip - It is important to establish naming protocols for competition and season to ensure consistency for report and display purposes.

Type/ Gender/Age/Order 

Competition Type/Gender/Division/ Default Age Group - these are default fields required to be filled out for fixturing purposes. The options are able to be edited if need be through the Manage Lookup Information/Age Group menu which can be found in the Setting menu.  

Tip - It is recommended for Age Groups that you set up each of your relevant age groups differentiation by age and gender, for example U12 Girls.  

Maximum/Minimum Age DOB - this sets the player age range for the competition.  

Sort Order- this will be the order (numerical) that the competitions display up on your website. So if you enter in '1' that competition will display at the top of your competitions list on your website.  


Start Date - this is the dste of the first match for the competition.   

Default Game Start Time - this will be the default time that will be assigned to all matches. Note: specific time allocation for matches can be setup.  

Match Duration - this the duration for the playing time of the match.  

Time Venue Require for - this is the time the venue is required for, factoring in half time breaks, warm ups etc.  

% of Venue Required - generally set to 100% which means that the entire venue is required. If set to 50% for example, the system will recognise that two games can be assigned to the venue at the same time.      

Website Display  

Displaying Results - this will set whether the results are displayed on your website.  

Display Ladder - this will set whether the ladder is displayed on your website.  

Display Competition on public website - this will set whether the competition itself is uploaded to your website.  

Website grouping - this dictates how the competitions are grouped together on your website. For example above all competitions with 'Seniors' will be grouped together on the website.  

Templates - this sets the fixture, ladder, finals and stats templates that will be applied to the competition. Additional ones can be added in the Settings menu.  

Day Competition Run

Days Competition Run - this is required if you wish to set up your fixtures using the Venue Time Allocation function. Simply select one or multiple days that the competition will run on.  

Allow Clubs/ Teams to enter results - should you wish to allow clubs and/or teams to enter results for games, tick this box.  

Match Locking - this will allow you to lock matches in Online Results for clubs/ teams after a particular night. For example, if matches are played on a Saturday and you don't wish to have clubs/ teams to be able to edit matches after a Tuesday, tick the box and select Tuesday.  


These settings must reflect your Association's timing regulations. If your association is using either Courtside or Live Stats for this competition it must be selected here.

Tip - Remember to change settings from round games to finals, especially for Overtime.  

Copying Competitions  

To save time when setting up a large number of competitions, existing competitions in your database can be copied.   To copy a competition in your database:  

1. Hover over Competitions and click List Competitions  

2. On the right hand side click on Copy  

3. Enter in all of the necessary details for the new competition and at the bottom of the screen select how you'd like to copy the competition (i.e whether you'd like to create a copy of the existing teams, use existing teams or not copy across the teams or matches).

Competition Exception Dates

 Exception Date are dates where there is no competition games scheduled during the season. This may be for School Holidays, Public Holidays, Representation or Special Event games and the season skips over these dates and recommences on the next date in the sequence.    

To add in an exception date:  

1. Hover over the Competitions menu and click on Competition Exception Date  

2. Click on Add Exception Date in the top right hand corner

3. Add in a reason, select the particular date(s), select which competitions (or all) the exception applies to and click Add Exception Date.    

The system will then automatically not fixture any matches on at that date/time.      

Hide Competition Rounds/Dates  

If you do not want to display all of the fixture rounds for a competition you can use the Hide Competition Rounds/Dates functionality. This will allow you to hide specific rounds or a date rage of rounds from displaying on your website.  

To hide competition rounds/dates from your website:  

1. Hover over the competitions menu and click on Hide Competition Rounds/Dates.  

2. Select the competition you wish to hide.  

3. Enter in the round number range or date range and click Update Hide Details.  

Your competition rounds will then be hidden from your website when you Publish to Web.  

Tip: Make sure that when you wish to display them to return to the Hide Competitions page and delete the configuration. 

  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at