Customising a National Registration Form

As part of the NRS functionality, Associations have the ability to customise these forms to be more specific to the needs of your Association. A summary of what you can customise is as follows;  


• Setting Payment to Compulsory

• Allowing what types of participants will register

• Allowing multiple adults to register

• Allowing multiple children to register

• Registration Options - Please set this to ALLOW ALL REGISTRATIONS    


Choose additional data fields, these can be set to display as;  


Read Only



Add Only (Compulsory)

Note: There are also a range of custom fields available to you to use, for example, you may wish to ask a participant whilst registering to let you know of their shoe size, or ask a question do they wear contact lenses etc.

If you wish to create your own custom fields, these will need to be done outside of editing a registration form, this is accessible through the cog, choses setting and there are a series of configurable database fields options.

Custom Fields = is where you can label the fields  

Field Configuration = you only need to adjust this area if you have Clubs underneath your organisation and if you want to set some compulsory fields.  

Manage Lookup Information = is where you will create the answers to your questions.  


In this screen, you have the option to re-order the fields by dragging them to a position; the new order is automatically saved.  

If you have added additional questions, you can also add Extra blocks of headers or extra text can be added.  


In this screen, you can choose which products to make available for selection on the registration form by clicking on the corresponding ‘Active’ and ‘Mandatory’ box.  

If you have set-up for online payments, your participants will be able to pay for these online and the money will automatically appear in your bank account.    


There are 6 tabs listed under ‘Messages’, the only one that is available to you is Full Information. This is where any Terms and Conditions that are specific to your Associations should be entered, the Terms and Conditions will appear at the very bottom of the ‘Full Information’ page, under the product selection area.  


Choose carefully, as the options you chose here will result in automated emails that are generated in TFO being sent to the users that you have selected.