Entering cash/cheque payments for members (N/A for VIC & SA)

Members may from time to time register to your Auskick centre online but not pay online. If they then pay via cash or cheque, you can manually update your database to mark those members as having paid.  To mark a member as paid if they have paid using cash or cheque:  

1. Hover over Members on the top menu and click on List Members  

2. Click on the Edit  symbol for the member you wish to add the payment record to 

3. Across the top menu,click on Transactions

4. Select Unpaid and click filter to show all unpaid products for that member

5. Select the product you wish to add a payment record to by ticking the Pay box You will then be given the option of paying by the Online Credit Card Gateway (if setup) or you will be able to process it as a Manual Payment.   

6. Fill out the necessary details of the payment record (i.e. $60 paid cash on 18/12/2011)  

7. Click Submit Manual Payment to complete the process