Existing Registration Forms

 In TFO Associations have the ability to create four different types of registration forms, this functionality exists but will change between now and January 1, 2015;  The options that exist are:  

1. Member Registering to an Association  

2. Member Registering to a Club  

3. Member Registering to a Team  

4. Team Registering to an Association  

A number of affiliates have been taking advantage of this functionality and have been building their own forms; they show as Assoc Forms, as in the picture below in TFO.

Associations can continue to use their existing forms, however if you wish to take full advantage of the new NRS Forms, then Associations will need to adhere to the following:  

Anything to do with a Member, whether it being a Member Registering to your Association or a Member Registering to a Team, then the Parent Body Forms National Forms MUST be used, that is:  

Form 1 Member to Association Form National Participant Registration Form (#41425)  

Form 2 Member to Team national Participant – Team Registration Form (#41426)