FIBA Organizer: Upload to FIBA 3x3 Database

FIBA are requesting that all users of FIBA Organizer upload their competition data to the FIBA 3x3 database.  

This can be done through a simple process in FIBA Organizer.     


1. From the configuration tab click Preferences  

2. Ensure Enable 3x3 is ticked to allow 3x3 functionality    

3. Setup up the FIBA 3x3 Synchronisation by going to Uploaded to Web  

4. Click on FIBA 3x3 Synchronisation  

5. Click Setup to insert upload details,  

  • Go to and sign up
  • Email from the same email address that you signed up from and request FIBA make you a promoter
  • Once FIBA has approved you as a promoter, they will notify you
  • Enter URL (, your 3x3 account email and password
  • Tick the Upload box for competitions that you wish to upload to 3x3 Planet      


Tournaments created in FIBA Organizer can be uploaded to 3x3 Planet to allow participants to register and obtain their individual ranking, Tournaments should be upload in 3 stages.  

  • Pre-Tournament Registration – to create tournaments and categories for registration on 3x3 Planet
  • Pre-Tournament Schedule – once entries have closed and schedule has been completed upload to 3x3 Planet to display schedule.
  • Post Tournament – to upload all results to 3x3 Planet. (Upload can occur throughout tournament at any time to display results on 3x3 Planet

Tournaments should be setup as follows:  

1. Create individual competitions for each category in your tournament. To ensure your data is successfully upload to 3x3 Planet and your players will receive their ranking points the following fields must be completed correctly;    

  • NAME: TOURNAMENT NAME + DIVISION (CATEGORY) NAME. For example: Poland Championship Open Women or Moscow Open Men or Barcelona U18 Boys
  • SEASON – ONLINE; SEASON. For example: 2012
  • TOURNAMENT: Used to link divisions or categories within a single tournament. All categories in the same tournament must be linked by this field for display on 3x3 Planet. For example: Poland Championship or Moscow Open or Barcelona
  • AGE LEVEL: Must be indicated Junior 18 and Under, Senior 19 and Over, Veteran 35+
  • GENDER: Must be indicated eg Male, Female or Mixed    

2. Creating a Tournament  

Click on the Pencil tool next to Tournament to setup a new tournament.    

Create new tournament for each new event you run.  Ensure you fill in all details required under the FIBA 3x3 tab. If your tournament is part of a tour please create or select a tour.    

3. Setting Category Age Restrictions.  

Add your minimum and maximum category age if required. For example: Open Men Minimum Age = 18 or U18 Men Min Age 16 Max Age 18.  


4. Category Specific Setup  

For each category/competition you have the option of adding additional requirements by selecting the Basketball tab.  

  • Publish date indicates when the tournament will be displayed on 3x3
  • Planet Fee is the cost of entry for each team
  • Fee Currency = team fee currency
  • Prize = Total prize pool for category of tournament
  • Maximum number of teams able to enter category
  • Upload to 3x3 Planet