Fixture and Results Display

There are a number of layout options for the display of fixtures and results on your website. All of these options are house in the Other Configuration section of the Website Editor.    

To change how the Fixtures and Results display on your website:        

1.    Log in to the Site Editor for your website.

2.    Click on Other Configuration at the bottom of the page    

3.    Locate the Results Display Format drop down box and select the results format that you wish to use (refer below for the individual results formats)    

4.    Click Save.    

Results Display Format Options

There are 6 results display formats to choose from: Classic, Classic [By Dropdown Date], Classic [By Rolling Date], Side by Side [By Round], Stacked Narrow [By Round], Stacked Wide [By Round].

Examples of these format options are below:   

Classic Layout (variations include by drop down date, by rolling date or by round)

Side By Side (default)  

Stacked Narrow (By Round)

Stacked Wide (By Round)