LiveStats Medrec Widget Implementation

The following is required to run the FIBA Livestats medrec widget on your site.

Please note before attempting to use this widget you should make sure that you have assigned Team Code to each team, otherwise they will appear blank

  • Jquery running on your site eg <script src="//"></script> Note Jquery 2 and higher do not support older versions of Internet Explorer. All SportsTG sites have this already so you simply need to add the LiveStats script to the page on a SportsTG site.
  • The livestats script for you league eg 
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    • ag (0 or 1) = show live now/all games
    • df = days after
    • db = days before
    • u = webcast CMS userID
    • sr(0 or 1) = sort ascending/descending
    • cmp must = 4
    • css must = 1
    • team = is an optional field, either leave it out or use team=nun where nun is the three letter code you have given to your team in the LiveStats backend.
    • compid = is an optional field, either leave it out or use compid=1000 where 1000 is the competition id in the LiveStats backend.

The result will look like the below