Membership, Online Registrations & Payments - Administrator Starters Guide

Welcome to the Competition, Membership & Payments system of Water Polo Australia powered by SportsTG

Below is a starters guide to assist you with managing your membership database. This article will step you through setting up your organisation in the system, viewing and editing your members' details, utilising the online registrations & payments system and communicator tool, adding programs and running reports on members and financial data - all with links to relevant articles from the SportsTG Support Centre and Video Demonstrations.  

We hope the system saves you valuable time and provides the support you need to run your Club or Association!  

View an overview video of the Online Registrations & Payments System here.

Follow these steps when you first get access to your database:

Click on each section to read the full article and click on the video icon to view a short demo of that area of the system  

1. Sign in to SportsTG Passport    

- You should receive an email with a link to confirm your SportsTG Passport account or you can register for an SportsTG Passport Account via

- When you first sign in to the Membership Database, check to ensure you are linked to the correct organisation by viewing the Organisation name in the Level Selection  

- It's also a good idea to check through the migrated data for your membership database when you first obtain access to ensure your member data is accurate  

2. Add Organisation Logo to your Database 

The logo you add will display in the top left of your Online Registration form an d will integrate with the Public Locator tools  

3. Edit your Organisation Information 

- The 'Details' section allows you to store and manage basic contact details and information about your organisation, including postal address, phone number and email.  

-  Keeping details up to date is particularly useful as it ensures that the State and National body can effectively communicate with your organisation.  

4. Add your Organisation Contacts & Roles

- The Contacts area of the system is where you can record and maintain details for your Club or Association Committee Members and Administrators  

- Adding details of your key contacts will allow you to keep an up-to-date database for you to utilise and for your State Association to Communicate to the right people  

- It also assists in allocating important Functional Responsibilities such as your Primary Contact and other areas such as registrations, finance & payments, sponsorship & fundraising etc.  

- Adding these details will also ensure accurate contact details to display in the Locator tool (see below)  

5. Update your Organisations Locator Details  

- The Locator tool allows Clubs and Class Associations to store Organisation Site Details which in turn provides the data for the Public Find a Club / Find a Class Association 'locator' on the Yachting Australia Website.   

- This enables the Public to search for their nearest Club / Class Association and obtain their contact details which will hopefully lead to an increase in Membership  

- Water Polo Australia Club Finder  

6. Complete the Payments Application form

- Ensure you have a scanned copy of your Organisations Bank Statement in order to complete the application

- View an overview Video of the Payments Application process here

7. Add Custom Fields (Optional)  

- This is only available at Association Level  

8. Review Field Configuration (Optional)  

9. Set up Products for the Online Registration form

- View an overview Video about Products here

10.Add or Edit a Registration Form

- View an overview Video of Adding/Editing a Registration form here. 

11. Share your Registration Form with Members  

- Click on the View link next to the Registration form. Copy the URL in the address bar and Paste this link on your Website or send it to your Members

 -View an overview Video of the Members Experience Registering via an Online Registration form here

12. Report on your Member Data and Financial Transactions

- You may also wish to Save Reports to utilise at a later date

- View an overview Video of Financial Reporting here.

- View an overview Video of Detailed Financial Reporting - here.

13.View & Edit Members Details 

- As an Administrator you can View and Edit Members Details by navigating down to the Individuals Member record