National Fields

As with the paper forms, there are a number of fields that are mandatory, State, Regions and Associations can choose to collect additional fields of information (if required).  

The standardised National Fields for both the Member to Association and Member to Team forms are as follows:  

• First Name  

• Surname  

• Date of Birth  

• Gender  

• Address  

• State  

• Post Code  

• Phone (mobile)  

• Emails  

• Occupation  

• Family Heritage  

• Emergency Contact Name  

• Emergency Contact Number  

If the participant is under 18 years of age, the additional fields shall apply.  

• Parent/Guardian First name

• Parent/Guardian Surname  

• Parent/Guardian Phone (Mobile)  

• U18 Guardian Acceptance  

For all participants, there will also be some other questions in relation to Community Engagement  .

• NRL Team Supported  

• Representative Pathway

• Club Involvement

• Opt-in to Communications  

• Agreeing to National Terms & Conditions.

Notes:  By ticking the U18 Guardian Acceptance, that person is indicating they are the parent/guardian of the applicant and authorise and consent to the applicant undertaking the Touch Football Activities.  

Opt-In for Communications is also automatically populated throughout the system.This wording is in compliance with the TFA Privacy Policy – updated as of 25 June 2014.  

National Terms and Conditions are automatically populated throughout the system.This is the Membership & Participant Declaration wording – updated as of 25 June 2014. If you have additional fields you will like to collect, you will be able to do so by editing the NRS Form.