Organisation Locator

The Locator module allows organizations to store venue location information which in turn will power the Club 'locator' on the Yachting Australia website, enabling website visitors to search for their nearest Club and obtain contact details. If your club is running a Discover Sailing Program it is particularly important that the Locator information is complete and up to date.   To add/edit information in the Locator, complete the following steps:  

1. Click on Locator from the Club dashboard - A green tick indicates that the Locator section contains valid information. A grey cross indicates that there is not enough information to appear on a website's Locator module.  

2. The Locator page will appear. Fill in all relevant details on this page.  Please Note: You need to ensure the 'Venue Name' field is populated. In most cases this will simply be the Club or Class name.   

3. When you have finished updating the page click on Update Locator at the bottom of the page.     

4. A message will appear confirming that the details have been updated.

For further assistance please contact Online Services:  

02 8424 7400