Obtain Access to your Membership Database

Firstly ensure you have a Passport. To sign up for one head to this article - Passport: How to sign up to Passport.

The Membership system is an online membership management database. Database administrators can login via their Passport account. If you are trying to link a Membership database to your Passport account you need to contact whoever logs in at the 'next level up' in the database.   

For example:  

  • If you are a Club administrator, you need to contact your League/Association. 
  • If you are a League/ Association administrator, you need to contact your State or National Governing Body.  

SportsTG is NOT authorised to add administrators to the membership database for security and data protection reasons. 

When your governing body receives your inquiry, they can give you access. They will need your email address as used in your SportsTG Passport to do this.  Once they do this you will automatically see a 'Sign In' link to the database when you log into your Passport account.