Publishing your Registration Forms to your Website

At this point of the process, you are now ready to publish your forms online, even if you don’t have a SportsTG free website (another product available as part of TFO) you can easily link your forms to your website.  

From the Registration Forms screen, you will see that you have the option to view registration forms.      

If you wish to use the National Member to Association Form, click on view from the Parent Body Form level.  

For the Member to Association registration form, a new tab will open, and then all you need to do is copy the unique URL address. 

You can then just paste this into either a navigation heading, a news story, or hyperlink a graphic/image –then once clicked it will launch your Associations version of the Member to Association Form.  

Please note that the Register Now widget (as outlined on the next page) at this stage is unable to used for the National Member to Association registration form, we will advise you when this functionality becomes available.

At this point, it’s up to you on how you wish to share this URL, for this example we are going to assume that you are going to call for Team Nominations, using the widget manager that’s built into the back-end of your SportsTG website, this will therefore appear in the right-hand column of your website.  

All you need to know is form number, which is located next to the name of the Team to Association form.  

From the backend of your website, select Widget Manager, then select Register Now and click Add New Section.  

Wait a second and the screen will refresh, Register Now will appear in the menu, hover of the name and right mouse click, to see more options appear, click on Edit.  

You are now presented with some additional options, enter the form number, and if you wish you could add a Caption and an Image the image should be square and no greater than 140 pixels wide, by 140 pixels high.  

Then just hit save, you will need to navigate back to the widget manager section of the website, just click Content it will on the left hand side of your screen, hover back over the Register and select Activate, the Register Now widget will now appear in the right hand column of your website. Another option is you can edit the text; you don’t have to use the words Register Now – just click once on the words and change according.