Aussie Hoops: Refunds

Refunding a Registration fee    

1. The centre needs to provide parents requesting a refund for their child’s registration with the Aussie Hoops Participant Refund Form.  

2. Section A of the form is to be completed by the parent and returned to the centre coordinator.  

3. Providing the terms of the Aussie Hoops Refund, Cancellation and Termination Policy are met, the centre coordinator will:  

i. Complete section B of the form (see Setting a Payment to “Cancelled” and Withdrawing a participant from a program);  

ii. Refund the registration fee directly to the parent as per the Aussie Hoops Refund, Cancellation and Termination Police  

iii. Return the completed form to Basketball Australia and their State Aussie Hoops Coordinator to claim reimbursement of the state and national fees.      

Setting a Payment to “Cancelled”    

1. Login to Aussie Hoops Membership at Centre level through SportsTG Passport.  

2. The dashboard will appear. Hover the cursor over Members and click List Members.  

3. Select the participant you wish to withdraw using the magnifying glass icon.  

4. Once at the participant dashboard, select Transactions.

5. Select the payment you wish to cancel, again using the magnifying glass icon. 

6. Use the drop-down menu to adjust the participant to Cancelled. Then click the update transaction button.