Sportzware Central - Adjusting Ladders Due to a Tie - Count-back

Sportzware Central, Adjusting Ladder position for tied teams  

When processing results under the Standard ladder type I have a problem in that when both teams have won the same number of matches and the same number of games the system apparently does not then look at points won when deciding which team should be awarded the winning score. It seems to award the win to the Home team. It requires a manual over-ride by the person entering the scores for the correct team to be awarded the win.  

Is it possible for a fix to be applied?      

SWC decides your ladder position based on the setup of the ladder. Go to Daily Admin > Ladder Design > Select your Ladder type, then look at the 'Sort by' fields. The field at the top is the first field that the ladder sorts by, the next field down is the secondary sort field (only used when two or more teams are tied on the first field).

SWC does not automatically sort teams based on the games they played against each other, but it allows you to see those games easily from the ladder screen so you can manually sort them yourself if you have to change the order.  

To view all games played between two or more teams, multi select the teams in the ladder and right-click then select 'View Head to Head Games'.  

A new window will appear showing the games played between the selected teams, summarising the results for you. All you need to do then is go back into the ladder and right-click the team you want to move position for and select 'move up' or 'move down'.  

Please note, if you rebuild the ladder after this point, it will revert back to the way it was. This feature is only designed to be used after the final round of the regular season is completed.