Sportzware Central: Enter your Sportzware Membership code into SWC

Membership Data Synchronisation - Important Information

Important - you must click on this link - Synchronising Membership Data - and carefully read the instructions provided before performing your first membership synchronisation.  

Enter your Sportzware Membership code into SWC

Each association has a unique membership code. It is vital that you correctly enter this code into SWC before your first synchronisation. This is because the code will be ‘locked’ into SWC when you do your first synchronisation (ie. It cannot be changed). Click on the below link for more information.  

To enter your membership code into Sportzware Central:  

  1. Launch your SWC database
  2. Click on the Configuration tab
  3. Click on Uploader Configuration
  4. Select Membership Synchronisation and click on Edit    
  5. Enter your new membership username and password in the fields provided
  6. The synchronisation URL should already be populated
  7. Click on OK


Membership Synchronisation Configuration Fields

Field Name Description Example
Profile Description Name of the Profile Membership Synchronisation Membership Synchronisation
Active Profile You need to activate this option in order to be able to use this feature when you click on Upload to the web
Username membership synchronisation username AUFBboxhill (this is greyed out and can not be edited once a successful synchronisation has been completed)
Password membership synchronisation password rfjisdf98
Test Settings Makes sure the link to the website is correct
Last Sync Time Displays the last date that a Synchronisation was performed
Attachment filename The filename of the information that is synchronised between SWC and the website membersync.txt