Sportzware Central/FO: Running SWC on Windows Vista & 7

Running Sportzware Central, Stadium Scoring or FIBA LiveStats on Windows Vista and Windows 7  

Please note that in addition to Sportzware Central the following solution also applies to FIBA Organizer and FIBA LiveStats.  

If you cannot successfully open Sportzware Central on a Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, the chances are the below solution will fix your problem.  

Sportzware Central needs to be run as an 'Administrator' in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode in order to function properly. This can be attained by changing the properties of the Sportzware Central desktop shortcut. Your Windows Vista user account must have administrative privileges to use Sportzware Central.  

  1. Locate and right click on the Sportzware Central icon on your Desktop (or FIBA Organizer, FIBA LiveStats etc)    

  2. Select Properties from the menu