Stadium Scoring and Windows XP

“Please note: Stadium Scoring is being decommissioned on 31 December 2019. Please contact your association to arrange a transition to Courtside.”

Stadium Scoring and Windows XP

Basketball Australia has been notified by several associations this year, that they have been unable to download Stadium Scoring games on devices running the operating system Windows XP.  Whilst we investigate this issue we can advise that during this time there has been no updates to the Stadium Scoring software or Windows XP. Windows XP has also not been supported or updated since 2014 by Microsoft (see Three of these associations have updated their devices to a newer version of windows and the issue has been resolved.

Stadium Scoring Upgrade

Basketball Australia and SportsTG are currently overhauling the Stadium Scoring solution, with an anticipated release date of March 2017. The new software will be named ‘Courtside’.  If you intend to use Stadium Scoring for the first time, or update your hardware we recommend where possible you wait for more information about Courtside. More information about this release can be found

What should you do as an administrator.

1.       Check that your games are downloading to your Stadium Scoring device.

Whenever you experience prolonged periods between matches you should always ensure games download prior to match time. However, games will only download a maximum 3 days in advance of the scheduled match.

2.       If no games download from your association, attempt to download test games. To download test games, use the following credentials.

a.       Venue ID 38287

b.       Setup Key 230788

For information on how to adjust credentials on your Stadium Scoring Device see Initial Setup

For further information on Venue ID see Finding a Venue ID

For further information on Setup Key see Finding your Setup Key

3.       Check the operating system on your Stadium Scoring devices. To do this, open a browser on your Stadium Scoring device and visit this website

4.       If no games (association or test) download submit a support ticket via ensuring you include the following;

a.       Subject: Stadium Scoring Games not Downloading

b.       Details: Information from and your association name.

5.       If games download and you are using the operating system Windows XP please notify ensuring you include the following;

a.       Subject: Stadium Scoring Games are Downloading on Windows XP.

b.       Details: Information from and your association name.

Whilst we will continue to investigate this matter, we would like to highlight to you that other associations have been able to resolve by upgrading to a newer version of windows. If this is a possibility and you are looking to resolve quickly we would recommend this approach.


What is Stadium Scoring?

For an overview on Stadium Scoring click here

Will the new Stadium Scoring operate on a laptop?

The initial release will be for iOS or Android tablet only. However, it is important to note - the old version of Stadium Scoring (compatible with laptop) will continue to be supported post Courtside launch.

Should I keep Windows Updates on?

We recommend turning windows updates off on your Stadium Scoring Device. Windows updates can be extremely detrimental to the Stadium Scoring program and if your device is only used for Stadium Scoring it makes sense to disable. Also, there is nothing worse than a windows update occurring mid game!

Should you have any further questions please email

  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at .