Stadium Scoring: Configuring FIBA Organizer for SS

Please note: Stadium Scoring is being decommissioned on 31 December 2019. Please contact your association to arrange a transition to Courtside.

Stadium Scoring relies heavily on it's integration with FIBA Organizer (SWC) to ensure that game day operations on Stadium Scoring are as simple as possible so games can run seamlessly. As a result, Stadium Scoring obtains all game data (players, teams etc) as well as configuration options (number of periods, period length etc) from FIBA Organizer (SWC). This article explains all of the configuration options in FIBA Organizer (SWC) that are related to Stadium Scoring. It's a good idea for all Leagues/Associations using Stadium Scoring to read through all of these before they attempt to use Stadium Scoring to score their games.

Configuring your Competitions

Stadium Scoring obtains a lot of game-specific configuration from FIBA Organizer. For example: number of periods, period length, team fouls before bonus, max player fouls etc. These settings are set in the Competition Details area of the program. Just select your competition and select the Basketball tab and you will see the below screen:

A description of all of the fields from the above screenshot is as follows:

Creating/Finding Setup Key

The setup key is a code that is used to link your Stadium Scoring terminals to your FIBA Organizer database. The code can be made up by you. The following steps explain how to create the setup key and enter it into Stadium Scoring.

1. From FIBA Organizer, go to Configuration > Uploader Configuration

2. Select Stadium Scoring Sync and click Edit

4. Enter the Username and Password provided by SportsTG. These should match the username and password that is used for your Membership Synchronisation.

5. Create a Setup Key. You can make this up, it will be entered in the Stadium Scoring terminals providing the link between the solutions.

6. Configure how many days in advance you want games to be set to Stadium Scoring (in the Days to Upload field). The higher the number of days the long the Stadium Scoring Sync is likely to take. Realistically if you play games on most/all days of the week you don’t need to set this to any higher than 2. Feel free to adjust to suit your needs.

7. Click OK.

The Setup Key can now be entered into Stadium Scoring once a Stadium Scoring Synchronisation has been done.

Finding Online Venue ID (and External Online ID)

Stadium Scoring uses an online Venue ID to link to a venue/court in your FIBA Organizer database. This ID is created when a Membership Synchronisation occurs. As a Stadium Scoring terminal may be used by multiple Leagues (using separate FIBA Organizer databases), this ID can also be used to identify courts across different Leagues/databases.

1. Go to Competitions > Venues

2. Select the Venue that you wish to get the Venue ID for

3. Click Edit.

4. Write down the ID for this venue and ensure that the Stadium Scoring terminal you configure with this venue matches the Online ID (Note that you should always use the Online ID unless the court is already being used with Stadium Scoring by another league/database).

Repeat these steps to retrieve the codes for all of the venues/courts using Stadium Scoring.

Configuring Matches to use with Stadium Scoring

FIBA Organizer will not automatically send all games to be used in Stadium Scoring, you need to configure which games are to be sent. To configure matches to upload to Stadium Scoring complete the following steps:

1. Go into Competitions > Venues
2. Highlight the court/venue that you want to set to use with Stadium Scoring and click Edit
3. Go into the Games tab then highlight the games that you wish to upload to Stadium Scoring

4. Right-click and select Upload to Stadium Scoring > Turn On
5. Click OK

Repeat steps 2 & 3 to configure the matches for the other venues

The matches will now be set to upload to Stadium Scoring, remember you need to do a Stadium Scoring sync to send them. Also remember that you need to do this for your finals matches also (after you have created them of course).

Applying SS Stats Profile  to your Competitions

To set the Stats profile to be compatible with Stadium Scoring so that your stats display correctly on your website you will need to configure the profile for all competitions that you intend to use with Stadium Scoring.

1. Click on Competition Setup > Stats Profile Configuration from the top of the screen

2. Select the Stadium Scoring stats profile and Click Apply
3. In Apply Stats Profile click To Competitions I select
4. Click OK
5. Highlight the competitions that use stadium scoring
6. Click OK

The Stats profile should now be successfully setup to display and configure Stadium Scoring statistics. You should rebuild your competition statistics (use the rebuild always option) before uploading the stats to your website. Please note, if you are a large League with many competitions, this will most likely take a long time. It is quickest to only rebuild stats for the competitions that you have just imported game results for (rather than rebuild all competitions).

  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at .