Stadium Scoring: Configuring Online Competitions

Configuration must be set for every competition.    

Configuring individual competitions.  

1. From your dashboard, hover over Competitions and click 'List Competitions'.  

2. Once on the page 'Competitions in League', click on the magnifying glass next to the competition you wish to edit.  

3. Once on the dashboard of the competition - click 'Edit'.    

4.  Scroll to the bottom on the page so you can see the heading 'Courtside'. Ensure each compulsory field is filled in.  

Please Note: all compulsory fields must be filled in. If needed please place a zero (0) in fields that don't need a value. The system will not save this for next time.      

5. Once all information is entered, click 'Update Competition'.

Bulk Change Competitions.    

1. From the dashboard hover over Competitions and click 'Bulk Competition Change'.


2. Enter in your season and any other relevant information. Click 'Search for Competitions'.  

3. Ensure you have the competitions you want included are ticked.    

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter in relevant information under the 'Courtside' heading.

5. Click 'Bulk Update'.