Stadium Scoring Minimum Requirements

Minimum Device Requirements for Courtside.

After reaching out and listening to the TBN community, we are pleased to announce Courtside is an upgraded version of the current Stadium Scoring product that will seek to address the following concerns - 

  • A robust platform that is stable online and offline 
  • Reduce the prevalence of games beginning late - A game should be able to be started in 30 seconds 
  • Users should have the freedom to choose a iOS or Android device that suites their budget

It is important to note - the old version of Stadium Scoring (compatible with laptop browsers) will continue to be supported post Courtside launch. However, for those keen on being early adopters we have indicated below minimum specifications for the device you should consider purchasing. 

Device Type - iOS or Android tablet 

Screen size - Minimum 9.7 inch. Optimised for a 4:3 aspect ratio. 

As we continue our testing we will be able to release further information on - 

  • Preferred device brands
  • Optimum battery charge configuration 
  • Storage of your new device setup
  • Device housing and position on score table