Website - Publishing Results from Sailwave to Standard Website

To set-up the publishing of FTP Results from Sailwave, please follow the following steps to set this up.  

For publishing of FTP Results from TopYacht software, we suggest you contact TopYacht directly to set this up.    

1. Prior to attempting any Uploads

Please contact SportsTG by creating a ticket in the Support Centre to setup your directory structure on the server. We will setup a new folder for your club and one folder for each season, e.g. 2013-2014, 2014-2015. You can then publish to these folders. The folders must be setup in advance as Sailwave will not automatically create folders for you. Initial Set-up fees will apply.    

2. Prior to running an Event

From within the Sailwave package, click on the menu, Setup, Global Options and then the FTP tab. Fill in the details as follows:

 Server:  Base  URL:  

Where XXXX is your website subdomain name; e.g.  

and YYYY is the season; e.g. 2014-2015  

So you would enter  

User: Please contact Yachting Australia  

Password: Please contact Yachting Australia    

3. When results are to be Published

From the Sailwave menu, click on Publish > Results > Next. From the Destination dropdown list, select "A website using FTP".  

In the filename box, enter “/XXXX/YYYY/ZZZZ.html”  

Where XXXX is your subdomain name, YYYY is the Season and ZZZZ  is a meaningful and unique filename for this event for this season (ie Australia Day Event).  

Example would be: "/MOOLOOLABA/2014-2015/Australia_Day_Event_2014"  

Click on Publish > OK and continue to click on OK until the system uploads your files.  

Note: If the system returns a message "Failed to upload page to Error 0" this generally means that the folder name section of the Filename entered in the screen above (i.e. “/results/XXXX/2013-2014/”) does not match the folder name setup on the webserver. Check that the folder name entered on this screen matches the folder name provided by SportsTG.    

4. Creating a link from your Website

From the content management system, for the file created above, create a hyperlink to the following URL including the applicable Filename at the end of the URL.""    

For Example:    

Note: Ongoing Annual Fees will apply to utilise the FTP Service    

Security Notice:  Please ensure that any PC that is using the FTP Username/Password is well protected by virus scanning software. If a users machine is compromised, the FTP Username/Password could get into the hands of hackers and all the results pages for all Clubs may be infected and sites may be flagged as malicious taking down not only their own site, but all other sites on the same server. Please be diligent with security on any PC using FTP.

For further assistance please contact Online Services:  

02 8424 7400