What’s the Difference between the two forms?

What’s the Difference between the two forms?  

As you can see in your database, there are two forms appearing as Parent Body Forms in the system, and you have the ability to choose either form or use both, the decision will be based on how your Association chooses to allow participants to register to your Association.

Let’s first focus on the first form – Member to Association.  

Form 1 National Participant Registration Form (#41425)  

This form is to be used for when participants are joining directly to your Association, as individual members.  

This form is applicable for Players, Coaches, Match Officials, Officials and Volunteers.  

The second form available is the – Member to Team.  

Form 2 Team Registration Form (#41426)  

Touch Football have been using a Team based registration process for some time, and for those Associations who wish to continue to do team based registrations, then the Member to Team form is for you.  

This form is applicable for those members directly associated with a team, so Players, and Coaches etc.  

To take advantage of this form, Associations will first need to build their own Team to Association Form and during the form creation process, you will link this form with the new Member to Team from.  

The setting up of Team to Association forms will be explained later in this user guide.