Pools Competition - Setup Wizard

The Pools Competition Setup Wizard will guide administrators through the pools setup process. For information on how to create a competition, please see our create a competition article

Once you have created your competition, you will be taken to the Pools Competition Setup Wizard:

And are presented with the following options:

Copy Phases/Pools structure from 

Initial Phase into Finals Phase

Initial Phase into Intermediate Phase into Finals Phase

Manual Setup

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on a Initial Phase into Finals Phase structure. Our competitions will feature 16 teams across 4 pools, with the top 2 teams in each pool moving to Quarter Finals, Into Semi-Final into Grand Final. 

Once we have defined our structure, we can proceed to assigning our Rounds and Templates. For this example, we will have 3 rounds, and use a 3-4 Team Fixture Template. 

We will also define our Finals structure in this screen. We will use a traditional Quarter,Semi and Grand Final structure. 

We have now finished the Pools Competition Setup Wizard, we will be presented with the following Screen:

From here we can add Teams to Pools and create progression rules