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Support process for your sport

Every sport has particular support processes for members and admins and who their first point of contact should be before getting in contact with SportsTG. Please check this process before getting in contact with us:

  • Participants/Parents/Team Admins- if you have any questions related to registrations, access, transfers, payments, accounts, statistics, results etc please speak to your club directly as they are your first point of contact, however if your club cannot assist please speak to your league.
  • Club administrators - if you have any queries related to payments, members, duplicates or competition admin and access please speak to your league directly as they are your first point of contact. They can also assist with what the correct processes are in relation to transfers, competition rules and much more.
  • League administrators - for any registration, transfer or member related queries please speak to your state body as they are your first point of contact for these types of queries. For any competition related questions (that are not playing or transfer rules) in relation to fixturing, results and public websites please contact support.

Please see the following link for the support teams related to your sport: https://support.sportstg.com/help/sport-specific-contact-information