Game Day FAQ's

The following article seeks to address the common questions raised when using the Game Day App. If your question does not appear below, please Contact Us.

To download Game Day, please visit the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android). Detailed instructions can be found via our Downloading Game Day Article.

Information on how to use Game Day can be found in our Using Game Day Article.

What devices does Game Day support? 

Game Day is optimised for mobile devices. Game Day uses our latest technology to access the SportsTG network - and is available for download on Apple devices with iOS 8 and above and on Android devices with Android Lollipop 5.1 and above. 

For optimum performance, please ensure your mobile operating software is up-to-date with the latest version.

Do I need to register a new account?

As the Game Day App is the beginning of our transition to a universal login across all SportsTG Platforms, you will need to register a new account.  You are able to sign up to Game Day using your current Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, or simply sign up with your email address.

How do I login?

Accessing Game Day is via a unique login, that is separate from other logins you may have with SportsTG. Your Passport, Member Profile, or Player Registration details will not log you in to the Game Day App.

To access the Game Day App, you must complete the Signup from within the App, information on this can be found via our Signup Article.

Why Can't I login ?

When you have initially registered an account for GameDay, you might have used your Google Social Account to create a login. Google no longer offers this facility (using your google account to register with apps). So you will need to re-register with GameDay using alternative email address.

How do I find my team?

If you cannot find your team when using the Search Functionality from within the Game Day App, please follow the following steps:

- look up your teams Game Day Reference on your club or association's SportsTG website.

- Make sure that your fixtures and results are up to date on your club or association's SportsTG website.

- If they are, please ask your club administrator if they use the SportsTG Competition and Management system.  Some organisations use a third-party program to enter fixtures, ladders and results on their SportsTG website, which means they won't display on the Game Day App.

Why can't I find my team's fixtures?

If you are unable to see any Fixtures when viewing Your Teams, please make sure your fixtures are up-to-date on your clubs SportsTG website.

If they are, please search for your Team again to ensure you have saved your Team for the Current season, and not a Previous season.

Tip: Club administrators can custom name your team by adding the current year to make it easier for users to find their team. e.g. Eastern Jets U18 2017

If you still can't find your current fixtures, your Club, League or Association may not have created their fixtures for the coming season. Please contact your League/Association directly if this is the case. 

Why can't I see Ladders/Results?

If you are unable to see any Results/Ladder when viewing Your Teams this may be due to the following:

- Your Club has yet to input and/or publish Results for the Season/Round. Please contact your Club directly if this is the case

- Results and/or Ladders are being hidden by your Association/League. Please contact your Association/League directly if this is the case