TidyHQ Integration

TidyHQ and Stack Sports (formerly SportsTG) have partnered together to create a sports club ecosystem that allows club administrators to effectively and efficiently manage their members online. This partnership allows club, member and some financial information to be shared from the Clubs Stack Sports platform to the Clubs TidyHQ platform.

This integrations links your SportsTG passport account to TidyHQ and feeds member information through to the TidyHQ system.

NOTE: If you a club admin and don't currently have access to your club database within SportsTG, you will need to contact another admin from your club or alternatively your league/association and they can provide you with access.

To set up your club to integrate with TidyHQ follow the steps below:

1. Log into your club database via your passport account: passport.sportstg.com

2. On the home dashboard, click GET STARTED on the TidyHQ Hub on the right hand side of the page.

2. A pop up box will appear with information related to SportsTG and TidyHQ sharing your member information. Click the checkbox under the GIVE YOUR CONSENT heading, then click SUBMIT to proceed.

3. You will then be taken to the TidyHQ portal. Click GET STARTED to proceed.

4. You will need to register for TidyHQ - information will already be filled out as this information pulls from your account passport account within SportsTG so you don't need to input any information.

All you need to do is tick the checkbox that you agree to the T&Cs and click CREATE ACCOUNT.

5. You will then be asked to fill in the organisational information based ON YOUR ROLE within the club.

- Input the role you have within the club (e.g President, Committee Member).

- Select the type of organisation you are: SPORT.

- Select the sport your club is part of (e.g AFL, Basketball).

- Select the country, if not Australia (Australia should be defaulted).

- Select the state your club is in.

6. Once all information has been filled in click NEXT.

7.  You will be asked to review the information. If all good, click CREATE ORGANISATION.

8. If you have other contacts listed on your club dashboard within the SportsTG you have the option to send an invite to those committee members to sign up as well. If you would like to do this, click add and then click SEND INVITES or you can choose to skip this step if you don't want to send to others within the committee.

9. You have now successfully set up the link between SportsTG and TidyHQ. Click GO TO DASHBOARD.

Members should be automatically fed through however please give it a couple of minutes if members are not appearing - depending on how many people are listed within your club it can take varying time to feed these member details through.

10. You will also receive a password set up email from TidyHQ, please set a password (preferably the same as your passport account) to activate your account.

If you have any issues when using the TidyHQ portal, please contact TidyHQ directly- they are your first point of contact. You can contact their support team via the wheel icon (top right hand corner) within the TidyHQ portal (when logged in) or email them on: info@tidyhq.com.