Aussie Hoops: Adding a New Competition Coordinator

Adding a New Competition Coordinator

A new Competition Coordinator is defined as the person in charge of running competitions at the Association linked to your Aussie Hoops program. 

When a Program Renewal email is being sent out from an Aussie Hoops Association, the New Competition Coordinator's details MUST be filled out within your Aussie Hoops Database. To do this, follow these simple steps. 

1. From your dashboard, click 'Contacts'. 

2. Scroll down to 'Committee Member' and fill in the New Competition Coordinators details. It is essential that these details are filled in so that the Program Renewal email can pull this information through, to show the participants.

Note: Ensure that the Competition Admin box is ticked.


3. If these areas are not filled, this section will remain blank and potentially confuse members.